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I’m an avid speaker who can entertain crowds with interesting stories and fascinating insights. I enjoy talking about programming, technology, fitness, and how they all relate in our modern world.

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I have a regular podcast, Edaqa & Stephane, as well as a YouTube Channel. The below are a few of the talks and interviews I’ve done recently.

How you are Evaluated in Coding Interviews

GSH Show

17 April 2020

Everybody is a Developer


28 June 2019

The Zero Cost Exception Model


27 June 2019

Interview with Getting Apps Done

Getting Apps Done

2 May 2019

Episode 418 | Edaqa Mortoray - Whole Humans Programming

Developer on Fire

8 April 2019

248: What is Programming with Edaqa Mortoray

TestTalks with Joe Colantonio

7 April 2019

Interview on Legacy Code Rocks

Legacy Code Rocks

26 March 2019

The amortized cost of vector insert is 3


26 March 2019

The two month startup

UnternehmerTUM [x]

6 March 2019

Zweibert #14 mit Edaqa Mortoray – Zuckerfrei Programmieren


24 February 2019

Leaf and "What is Programming?" with Edaqa Mortoray


14 February 2019

The key to ux is collaboration

Sketch Meetup Munich

26 February 2018

153: Creator of the Leaf Language Talks Testing with Edaqa Mortoray

Test Talks

21 May 2017

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker for your conference, gathering, or podcast, please contact me. I look forward to new venues and presenting new ideas.

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