Dynamic Rotation and Scale: Rolling a ball to reveal template text

An After Effects template class by Edaqa Mortoray

Create a rolling ball that reveals text as goes, using Adobe After Effects expressions.

In this class, I'll add a rolling ball to the animation we did in the previous class. You'll learn how to use expressions to get locations relative to a text, calculate sizes, and do some basic math. These are handy techniques when it comes to creating responsive templates.

I'll go through these steps in the process:

  • Positioning the ball to reveal the text
  • Sizing the ball to the text
  • Calculating the ball rotation for a realistic roll

Follow me, as I'll continue to publish classes building on these skills.

Also, if you're like me, you're getting a bit lost with all those assets, clips, and folders, check out my friend Sonja's class on being efficient in After Effects.

🎓 Levels: Intermediate
After Effects expressions knowledge required

⏱ Running Time: 19m

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