Organic Abstract Drawings: An easy technique to explore interesting shapes

A Creative Arts Class by Edaqa Mortoray

Hi, I'm Edaqa, and I like drawing abstract shapes.

I draw these everywhere, sketch books, scrap paper, meeting notes. I've painted a few with acrylics, and I even got one as a tattoo. It's a versatile technique leading to quick, interesting results.

You don't need much, a pencil, some paper, an eraser and a pen. Even if you've not drawn anything before, you can be successful with this approach.

And hey, these are abstract forms, it's not like they can be wrong.

I'll demonstrate this easy technique: how to draw a basic structure, complete the abstract shape, and then ink the result. I'll even show a few options for coloring, though not my favourite part, it creates interesting patterns.

Alright, grab your pencil and let's get started.

🎓 Levels: Beginner
No previous skills necessary

⏱ Running Time: 25m

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