Stunning Food Photos: Editing tips and techniques with Gimp

A Food Photography Class by Edaqa Mortoray

In this class, I’ll show you how to give life to your food photos. Whether you’re publishing on social media or posting recipes, you need to have a vibrant photo to get noticed. I’ll teach you some basic techniques to polish your work.

We’ll look at:

  • Improving the lighting to get a bright photo
  • Giving more depth with contrast and sharpness
  • Cleaning up and framing the right image
  • Adding vibrance with saturation and layering

I’ll go through a series of five complete examples, showing how to select and combine the tools. These images and their sources are all available in the resources for this class.

I’ll be using the free software called Gimp for this class. You can also use Photoshop.

Let’s get you making snappy food photos.

If you're interested in the recipes,a few of them are available:

🎓 Levels: Beginner
No previous skills necessary

⏱ Running Time: 31m

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