Book cover of What is Programming?

Do you know what it takes to become a great programmer?

Take a deep dive into this fascinating profession and learn these three critical facets:

  • People are the reason software exists.
  • At the heart of any software is source Code.
  • Behind the screen is a real person: You.

Read What is Programming? to illuminate key aspects of the profession.

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This book is for newcomers and those with some years behind them. It lays bare the duties a programmer fulfills. It introduces the knowledge you are expected to have. It defines a role for us in the wider field of development.

Use this book as a guide to your career. Go beyond the limitations of your current job. Learn all about the things you could be doing, to improve yourself, to expand your knowledge, and to become a great programmer.

Take control of this modern occupation and define our role in development. Let's figure out how to build fantastic products, and take care of ourselves in the process. There's no need for frustration, imposter syndrome, nor possible burn-out.

"What is Programming?" is the outline to our journey.

Join us.